Saturday, September 18, 2010

Jack's 1st Sports Day...

Can't believe our boy had his first sports day yesterday. He was very excited and VERY nervous. He was most looking forward to the Long Jump and Hurdles.

Here he is in is House area, singing the House Chant.

Barker, Barker, we're the best
We will put you to the test,
We will beat you on the field,
We will win the mighty shield,

With the Commonwealth Games being held in Delhi this year, they did a tribute to the Indian Culture with a Parade. 
 First up was the relay.
This is Jack demonstrating how to grab the baton.
And how to run with it.
Jack was the last runner in his team.
Barker came in first and Jack was wrapped.
 Waiting patiently for the sprints. 
Jack tied for first place in his group of 4.
The long awaited Long Jump was next on the list.
A few ripper jumps.
Hurdles was the next event.
In the skipping, they needed to see how many consecutive skips they could do in 30 seconds. If they stepped on the rope they had to start again. They all tried SO hard. I think Jack managed 12.
In the Rebound Event they they had to throw the ball against the net 10 times and it was recorded how many times they dropped it. Out of 2 sets of ten, Jack didn't drop any, he was really happy. Although it didn't surprise me with the amount of time that boy has a ball in his hands these days!
Last up was the Team Games,  a bit like a relay but with collecting bean bags and putting them into hoops.
It was a really great day and he made us very proud. Jack was chuffed with his two 1st ribbons for relay and sprints. (they didn't give any out for the other events). It was pretty special when he gave Dad one of his ribbons! 
 What made me the happiest was when I was putting Jack to bed and the last thing he said to me was, 'Mum, I was really proud of myself today.' I left the room with a very fuzzy feeling. Jxx

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  1. I was in Barker when I went to school there.

    Jack looks like he had a great old time. I bet you're all so proud of him.