Thursday, July 11, 2013

Win $50 of Washi Tape in the Scrap Therapy July Scrap Challenge!!!

Okay so this page was my first attempt at Scrapbooking in A LONG, LONG TIME. Terrible depression and back problems had sucked almost all of my creative juices...but the spark has been reignited!!
I had never even used washi tape yet, so thanks Mum (Leanne Kroschel) for letting me raid your stash and give this challenge a go....

Head over to the Scrap Therapy blog for all the've still got the whole month to enter.

Here is the sketch:

And here is my version:



Scrap Your Story Childhood Challenge

Okay, this is seriously first blog post for nearly two years and my first scrap page in a VERY LONG TIME. The last couple years have been tough for me (and my family) for various reasons and my scrapbooking just went out the window....BUT...finally I was ready and Mum and I scrapped yesterday and wan't easy to begin with and I nearly gave up.....but I got two pages done - this is my second.

The challenge over at Scrap Your Story Challenges this week is nice and open - "Childhood".

I chose to do these photos of my daughter from nearly three years agao, it was so nice to have the memory down and I feel quite proud of my page, considering how long it's been!!

The best thing of all, I got to share scrapbooking with my Mum again. We yell at each other, laugh at each other, pinch each other's things, help each other and most importantly spend time doing something we both love again.....

So here is my entry:

Journalling reads:

These photos were actually taken the day after the A Men Hockey Team won the Grand Final.
It was the presentation and break up and you were still infatuated with the streamers!! God forbid no-one could tell you how to wear a head band properly!

And thanks to Mum (Leanne Kroschel) for getting me completely addicted to the goodies from The Trinket Track - I made her leave some because I know I will be looking for them to add to my next layout!! They are just perfect for those finishing touches, where you think, "Hmmm, it needs something there!!"

Thanks again Mum and The Trinket Track!!



Saturday, September 18, 2010

Jack's 1st Sports Day...

Can't believe our boy had his first sports day yesterday. He was very excited and VERY nervous. He was most looking forward to the Long Jump and Hurdles.

Here he is in is House area, singing the House Chant.

Barker, Barker, we're the best
We will put you to the test,
We will beat you on the field,
We will win the mighty shield,

With the Commonwealth Games being held in Delhi this year, they did a tribute to the Indian Culture with a Parade. 
 First up was the relay.
This is Jack demonstrating how to grab the baton.
And how to run with it.
Jack was the last runner in his team.
Barker came in first and Jack was wrapped.
 Waiting patiently for the sprints. 
Jack tied for first place in his group of 4.
The long awaited Long Jump was next on the list.
A few ripper jumps.
Hurdles was the next event.
In the skipping, they needed to see how many consecutive skips they could do in 30 seconds. If they stepped on the rope they had to start again. They all tried SO hard. I think Jack managed 12.
In the Rebound Event they they had to throw the ball against the net 10 times and it was recorded how many times they dropped it. Out of 2 sets of ten, Jack didn't drop any, he was really happy. Although it didn't surprise me with the amount of time that boy has a ball in his hands these days!
Last up was the Team Games,  a bit like a relay but with collecting bean bags and putting them into hoops.
It was a really great day and he made us very proud. Jack was chuffed with his two 1st ribbons for relay and sprints. (they didn't give any out for the other events). It was pretty special when he gave Dad one of his ribbons! 
 What made me the happiest was when I was putting Jack to bed and the last thing he said to me was, 'Mum, I was really proud of myself today.' I left the room with a very fuzzy feeling. Jxx

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

2 Big Buses, LOTS of kids, Toy Story 3 and Ten Pin Bowling equals...

a really cool excursion - especially when you're in Reception. They are pretty lucky really. I don't remember doing either of things things until I was at least 12! Here are some pics from Bowland... FRIDAY 13 AUGUST 2010


Wet day in the Riverland...and a FARM visit...

and Jack decided to walk to school on his own. The rain didn't deter him! Although in the 50m between our house and the Front Office, he forgot to drop off his Epipens! Jxx

Although the farmers probably don't share my opinion, I was kind of glad the rain cleared this afternoon. Gem and I hopped on the bus from Childcare for the Annual Childcare/Kindy visit to a local farm that's been happening for 35 years now. Grant remembered going as a kid.

Here is Gem on the bus, ready to go. Do you think she was a little bit excited?
 The infamous big tyre shot we have taken 3 years in a row...

 Love this shot...took a great shot of Jack in the exact same spot, last year - right up on top of the bales.

 checking out the shearing...
 hmmm....future shearer?

these pics were from

Such a good afternoon for the kids (and adults!). It was great that they took the bus out this year. I went with Jack on a school excursion on Friday just been. We went to Renmark to the Chaffey theatre to see Toy Story 3 and then back to Berri Bowland in the afternoon. It was nice to be able to go somewhere with Gem too, and the bus just makes it that little bit more exciting.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy D! THIS IS FUNNY...

Grant's off playing hockey at Berri tonight, but we've managed to squeeze in a Bed Birthday Party this morning before he left for work and Cup Cakes tonight before Hockey. Last night I realised the kids hadn't quite finished their cards for Dad. I left the cards and the pencils in their room, so they could finish them before coming in to our room in the morning. At the last minute, I had the idea of leaving them Party hats, whistle and streamers so we could have a Bed birthday Party.
I was up with Gem around midnight and while I was laying in Gem's bed putting her back to sleep, Jack woke up to go to the toilet. I told him about the party supplies near the cards. About 3.30am, yes 3.30 AM, I heard some very excited voices. I jumped out of bed realising that if I didn't act quickly, we would whistles being blowing in our ears and streamers flying around our bedroom within minutes! Sure enough, I opened their door to find them half undressed, party hats on and cards finished and ready to go in envelopes!
I was a bit unsure how I was going to go getting them back to sleep once I broke the bad news they had another 4 hours of sleeping left to go, but amazingly enough they did and this is what we were greeted with a few hours later...they didn't bother getting dressed this time, in case they were sent back to bed again!

Present time is always exciting. Jack in particular, has been thinking about his tummy again and the liquorice we give Dad each year, they look like hungry PATIENT baby birds waiting to be fed!
When Grant was in bed I hung up a big banner in the kitchen.
And these photos make my heart happy...

Can't wait for the weekend, when we can chill out at Freeling with Grant's brother's family. Hopefully Gem is feeling better in the morning. Jack has had croup during the week. She was a bit average this afternoon and I have a feeling she may have mild croup....winter sux! Jxx